Victoria Azarenka shares emotional Christmas message

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Victoria Azarenka shares emotional Christmas message

Former world No. 1 Victoria Azarenka revealed she gets emotional every Christmas because she remembers her parents and their efforts to make every Christmas special fr her and her brother. Azarenka is grateful that she has made herself a great living from tennis and that she is able to provide amazing Christmas gifts for her son Leo.

Azarenka is now one of the wealthiest tennis players but she will never forget her parents who didn't have much but tried to make every Christmas special for her. "I am really happy and grateful to be able to provide an amazing Xmas for Leo and all the gifts he wanted, because my parents did the best they can with very very little, but still they went out of their way to make it special for me and my brother… it does always however makes me think about many many families and kids who don’t have the same privilege now," Azarenka wrote on Twitter.

Azarenka and Leo packed gifts for other kids

"I asked Leo today that we should pack some toys he has and give them to other kids who may not have any gifts today. I try to explain to him why, I think it’s hard for him to understand.

Even if I tell him by my own example and how we didn’t always have that chance, he is a bit resistant at first but he does want to do it. So we will go packing," Azarenka continued. "Just wanted to share this because this always make me remember when I was a kid and gets me emotional.

And probably why I overdo it for Leo now… anyway just thinking out loud on Twitter I guess." Azarenka enjoyed a good end to the season as she finished runner-up at the Indian Wells Masters. Azarenka didn't win a title in 2021 but she proved in Indian Wells that she's still capable of playing well on the biggest stage.