Angelique Kerber forced to 'adapt schedule' after positive test for virus

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Angelique Kerber forced to 'adapt schedule' after positive test for virus

Former world No. 1 Angelique Kerber revealed she tested positive for COVID-19 last month and it affected her schedule for the 2022 season. Kerber was scheduled to play in Sydney but now she is hoping that everything will go well so at least she can play the Australian open.

"Today is the final day of my preseason before flying out to Melbourne tomorrow. I‘m disappointed to miss the WTA event in Sydney but after I tested positive for Covid-19 last month, l had to adapt my schedule because of the quarantine period.

I completed the medical check up and I‘m hopeful to be ready for the @australianopen. Thank you for your love & support," Kerber announced in an Instagram post.

Kerber had 'doubts' in 2021

Following a rocky start to the 2021 season, Kerber started to have some doubts.

‟As an athlete, one always somehow has doubts. It’s a part of things. But the trick is to draw positive energy and remotivate oneself to fulfil one’s goals," Kerber told the Porsche Tennis website. Kerber played much in the second part of the season as she won Bad Homburg and made the semifinals at Wimbledon and the Cincinnati Masters.

‟The key was definitely the return of the fans and the confidence I had in myself and my potential. It was something I also never lost in the difficult times. Fighting back after being down is somehow a part of my career.

I had lots of patience in myself and always believed I could succeed once again. Having the feeling of being able to beat top players and be in the mix for the major titles was extremely important for me," Kerber told the Porsche Tennis website.

Kerber admitted winning Bad Homburg was the turning point of her season. ‟For sure the tournament in Bad Homburg. I had been looking forward to the grass court season the whole time," Kerber explained.