Renata Voracova deported from Australia

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Renata Voracova deported from Australia

Czech doubles star Renata Voracova has been deported from Australia on Saturday. Voracova was detained on Friday after the Australian Border Force cancelled her visa. Voracova played a doubles match at the Melbourne Summer Set 2 this week before her visa was cancelled.

“All travellers who enter Australia must do so in accordance with our strict laws and entry requirements, regardless of their status or their reasons for entering the country," an ABF spokesperson said. "The ABF employ a multi-layered approach ...

this includes avenues to investigate, locate and detain non-citizens who have been found, after their arrival into Australia, to have breached our border entry requirements."

Voracova didn’t ask for another visa

“I would have to ask for another visa and wait for a week, locked up in a hotel, without training...

it doesn’t make sense,” Voracova said on Friday. “So I’m waiting for a permit (to leave), on Saturday perhaps”. While in detention, Voracova said it felt like a bit in prison. “I’m in a room and I can’t go anywhere,” Voracova told Czech dailies DNES and Sport.

“My window is shut tight, I can’t open it five centimetres (two inches). “And there are guards everywhere, even under the window, which is quite funny. Maybe they thought I would jump and run away,” added Voracova, labelling the hotel as “a better dormitory”.

“They bring me food and there’s a guard in the corridor. You have to report, everything is rationed. I feel a bit like in prison. “It felt like in an action movie and it wasn’t pleasant at all”.

Voracova was detained in the same hotel as world No. 1 Novak Djokovic. Voracova said she hopes Djokovic gets to play the Australian Open. “I would like them to let him play. We are athletes, we have come here to play tennis and not to deal with disputes behind the scenes,” Voracova said.