Leylah Fernandez: I've always wanted to be original, different from tennis players

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Leylah Fernandez: I've always wanted to be original, different from tennis players

US Open runner-up Leylah Fernandez was thrilled after becoming the first-ever global ambassador for athletic apparel retailer Lululemon. Fernandez, who is enjoying a career-high ranking, said it was a dream come true because her desite was always to be diffferent from the tennis players.

"I have always wanted to be original, different from the tennis players, and be my own unique person.

When I heard Lululemon wanted to get on the big stage in tennis, that was a great opportunity for me. I told my dad and my agents, Lululemon is the one for me," said Fernandez, as quoted on Sportskeeda. Fernandez wore the Asics brand during her astonishing US Open run.

"I am always wearing stuff I am comfortable with and makes me feel invincible so when I'm playing tennis, I just need to focus on tennis. Off the court I try to see what the changes are we can do so I can feel that way," Fernandez added.

Fernandez has nothing but good to say of Lululemon

"The Lululemon team has been very helpful and understanding of what I want, doing a great job and providing it... This is a step forward for me as a person and Lululemon is a great brand.

This is a dream come true for me," Fernandez claimed. Lululemon's vice president of global sports marketing and partnerships, Michelle Davies was thrilled after adding Fernandez to the Lululemon family. "While her being Canadian is awesome and holds a special place in our hearts, it is really more rooted in our shared values and what we are going to create together.

Adding someone like Leylah is such an asset for us. We are working with her to fine-tune our tennis design. She will be wearing that when it drops and give us all kinds of feedback," Davies said. Meanwhile, Fernandez started her season last week and she made the Adelaide round-of-16 in her first tournament of the season.