Jelena Dokic in 'pain and trauma' after ending 19-year relationship

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Jelena Dokic in 'pain and trauma' after ending 19-year relationship

Former world No. 4 Jelena Dokic said she will need time to heal from the pain and trauma she is going through after splitting with her long-term boyfriend. Dokic announced on Instagram she ended and her boyfriend Tin decided to go separate ways after 19 years of dating.

"There is a lot of talk and speculation around my last post so I am going to address the situation," Dokic started her Instagram post. "After almost 19 years together, Tin and I have decided to go our seperate ways.

"Sometimes these things happen,people grow apart and it’s for the best. "I am asking you please to refrain yourselves from making bad comments about us and our 18 and a half years together and I especially ask those who want to make nasty comments based on nationality and religion to please not do that.

This has nothing to do with that and it never did. Negative comments don’t help anyone especially me so please be respectful and kind."

Dokic going through an extremely difficult period

"I would be lying if I said I was doing well but I will give it my absolute all to heal and recover and process this pain and trauma and if nothing else I will die trying.

I gave this relationship my all,my heart and soul and I fought so hard till the end but ultimately it wasn’t enough this time but I am hopeful that there is still happiness and love somewhere out there waiting for me .This is hard, I am in pain, I am hurt, I am lost and right now it’s all about just being able to get out of bed in the morning and putting one foot in front of the other," Dokic continued.

"I will have to learn to walk again before I can run when it comes to love and happiness but I will give this healing process my all. I am a fighter and I will fight till the end.My strength and the will to go on and live will be tested again but I have done it before so I hope I can do it again."