Tennis - Petra Kvitova says she is working with a mental coach

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Tennis - Petra Kvitova says she is working with a mental coach

Tennis - Several top tennis players these days work with sports psychologists or mental coaches in order to help them overcome nerves during matches. And the latest player to come out and admit that she does use a mental coach is the former Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova.

The Czech, who won here in 2011 and reached the semis in 2012, tells The Tennis Space in an interview - "I am the person who keeps these feelings inside me and it’s not good because it’s still there and sometimes it will show up in matches.

I have a mental coach and I am trying to work with him very closely. He knows me very well. If I am very nervous and I know that I can’t do it by myself, I tell him. I know that I can be open and say everything I feel that I have to say.

If I’m at home I try to visit him once a week. If I am a tournament we Skype or text or email, so if I have any troubles, I call him. Sometimes he starts the conversation, if he sees something, he sends me a message. Or if I have troubles, I send message to him." Kvitova comes into Wimbledon as the no.

8 seed and meets American Cco Vandeweghe in the first round. The Czech was contending for the world no. 1 ranking 18 months ago but has since failed to keep her place among the top echelon in the women's game.