Marketing expert: Ashleigh Barty is now Australia's most marketable athlete

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Marketing expert: Ashleigh Barty is now Australia's most marketable athlete

Marketing expert Andrew Condon says Ashleigh Barty is now Australia's most marketable athlete. On Saturday, Barty beat Danielle Collins in the Australian Open final to become the first home winner at Melbourne Park since 1978.

Barty is now a three-time Grand Slam champion and she only lacks a Us Open title in order to complete a Career Grand Slam. Also, Barty has three consecutive year-end No. 1 finishes. “It sounds strange, but the challenge for Ash was her awareness.

She has similar likeability to Roger Federer, Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman. But until Saturday, I don’t think her awareness was as high, and she probably wasn’t as salient as those other individuals,” Condon told the Herald and The Age.

Barty set to profit from her win

“There’s no doubt that becoming the first Australian to win the Australian Open in 44 years will change how many Australians are aware of her, and the way she went about it will also increase her likeability," Condon added.

“There’s no doubt she’s Australia’s most marketable athlete. “You’d probably go as far as saying she’s on the cusp of becoming Australia’s most marketable person. “Before the Open, her awareness was at 76 per cent - Roger Federer’s was at 85 per cent.

“Hugh Jackman and Chris Hemsworth have awareness of 90 per cent. She will be thrust into that stratosphere and from a marketability perspective, that’s significant, and testament to her on-court performances. “Saturday’s result and the trajectory she’s on, plus the work she’s doing off court with other brands, from a marketing perspective, she’s going to go past Roger (Federer), in terms of our athlete asset power score." Barty has made a stunning start to the season as she also won Adelaide leading up to the Australian Open.

Barty didn't drop a single set en route to winning the Australian Open. Barty has 11 wins and zero losses in 2022.

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