Simona Halep fires two coaches

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Simona Halep fires two coaches
Simona Halep fires two coaches (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Former world No. 1 Simona Halep has decided to end her partnership with coaches Adrian Marcu and Daniel Dobre, according to Treizecizero. Halep, now ranked at No. 23 in the world, had been working with Marcu and Dobre since the September of 2021.

Halep's decision to fire both of her coaches is a bit surprising since she performed well in Australia. Halep made a positive start to the 2022 season as she won the Melbourne Summer Set 1 title after beating Veronika Kudermetova in the final.

It was Halep's first WTA title in a year and a half. After the Melbourne Summer Set 1, Halep made the Australian Open round-of-16. Halep suffered a shock defeat in the round-of-16 as she was beaten by Alize Cornet in three sets.

Halep spoke highly of Darren Cahill

Halep became a Grand Slam and world No. 1 while coached by Cahill. After splitting with Cahill, Halep hired Marcu and Dobre. While in Melbourne, Halep met her former coach and spoke extremely highly of him.

"I think (he) is very special. The way he talks, the way he always gives you advice, I think it's very special," Halep said of Cahill in Melbourne. "When he really trust in the player, I think he sends that to the player & you feel much more confident and much more safe on court.

For me, he has been the most important person for my career. With him I could achieve the big titles. "He also teach me how to be a better person out of the court, to enjoy more life. Because of him now I'm talking to everyone.

I like to share everything with the players also in the locker room, with the people outside. "For me, he has been a really important person for my whole life. It's not just tennis. But, yeah, I see that he has success also with Amanda now. She played great yesterday. I'm happy for them."

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