Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova shares strong message amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine

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Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova shares strong message amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Russian tennis star Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova has admitted that she is in "complete fear" as she has called for the stoppage of violence and war. In the early hours of Thursday, Russia started their invasion of Ukraine.

Pavlyuchenkova said "personal ambitions or political motives cannot justify violence", which was likely pointed towards Russian president Vladimir Putin. "I have been playing tennis since I was a kid. I have represented Russia all my life.

This is my home and my country. But now I'm in complete fear, as are my friends and family. But I'm not afraid to clearly state my position. I'm against war and violence," Pavlyuchenkova said in a message posted on her Twitter account.

"Personal amibitions or political motives cannot justify violence. This takes away the future not only from us, but also from out children. I'm confused and do not know how to help in this situation. "I'm just an athlete who plays tennis.

I'm not a politician, not a public figure. I have no experience in this. I can only publicly disagree with these decisions taken and openly talk about it. "Stop the violence, stop the war."

Pavlyuchenkova out for an extended period

Last week, Pavlyuchenkova announced she would be out for 10 weeks to treat a knee injury.

"My knee has been bothering me for a year and a half. I played through the pain," Pavlyuchenkova told Sport Express. Pavlyuchenkova's knee improved in the offseason but the pain returned. ''But the pain unfortunately returned.

Following the St. Petersburg tournament, I did an MRI," Pavlyuchenkova said. Pavlyuchenkova hopes to in a few weeks return to the practice courts. "I hope that in four weeks I will return to the courts [for training]," Pavlyuchenkova added.

Also, Pavlyuchenkova said she is definitely hoping to be ready for the French Open. Last year, Pavlyuchenkova ended runner-up in the French Open final to Barbora Krejcikova.