Ukraine's Marta Kostyuk hits out at WTA over 'lack of any response', lists demands

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Ukraine's Marta Kostyuk hits out at WTA over 'lack of any response', lists demands

Ukrainian tennis player Marta Kostyuk says she is dissatisfied with the WTA's "lack of any response" to the Ukraine situation as she has called for the WTA to take a stand and publicly call out the Russian invasion and to pull out of tournaments scheduled to take place in Russia.

Also, Kostyuk called for the WTA to follow the IOC and to recognize Russian athletes as "neutrals" until further notice. "To whom it may concern," Kostyuk wrote in a statement posted on her Instagram Story.

"We Ukrainian tennis players would like to express our great surprise and dissatisfaction with the lack of any response to the situation with out Motherland. It is especially strange that in prior cases of social justice and sexual harrasment the response of the WTA was prompt, appropriate and bold.

"Our country, Ukraine is under a brutal attack by the superior nuclear power. The bombs and rockets are hitting our houses, killing our people, destroying our life. "We demand that the WTA immediately condemn the Russian government, pull all tournaments out of Russia, approach the ITF to do the same.

Saying that we fully support our colleagues from Russia and any Russian speaking tennis players as we understand that the unprovoked attack happened without their knowledge and participation."

Kostyuk calls for peace and unity

"Stop the war.

Stop the Russian aggression. Bring peace to our homes," Kostyuk continued. "We also believe that we have to follow the guidance of the IOC which prohibits the Russian National Team to wear Regalia of the Russian Federation.

While the doping violation can not be compared to aggression, we believe that insults, attacks, use of force, murder are the crimer superior to doping, because they are crimes against humanity. "The Ukrainians are members of human society.

"Don't stay quiet. Help bring peace to our home and to the world. Be human." Meanwhile, Kostyuk last competed in Doha last week. Kostyuk won her two qualifying matches to earn a main draw place in Doha, before she suffered a first round loss to Ana Konjuh.