Simona Halep adds new coach to her team ahead of Indian Wells

Halep fired two coaches after the Australian Open.

by Dzevad Mesic
Simona Halep adds new coach to her team ahead of Indian Wells

Former world No. 1 Simona Halep will be joined by coach Morgan Bourbon at the Masters events in Indian Wells and Miami. Bourbon works as a coach at the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy.

Halep enjoyed a successful long-term partnership with coach Darren Cahill but the two went their separate ways last year.

Halep was then working with Daniel Dobre and Adrian Marcu. After the Australian Open, Halep decided to fire both coaches. Halep, 30, revealed she didn't fire Dobre and Marcu because she wanted a replacement but rather because she wanted to be more on her own.

Halep on being without a coach

“I do not have a coach, I haven’t talked to any coach these days, and at the moment I don’t want to take a coach,” Halep told Treizecizero in February. “I didn’t break up with Mr Marcu and Mr Dobre to start with someone else, that’s the idea – it’s a time when I want to take responsibility, to strengthen myself as a person and I also want to experiment, let me see how much I can do on my own.

“I have a lot of advice left to me from all the coaches I’ve worked with, especially from my six years with Darren, I have a lot of ideas and now they all seem to come, especially when you are relaxed and you don’t feel the pressure of the team”.

Also, Halep said last month that she wasn't looking for a coach. “I don’t have a coach right now, I have a sparring partner and he’s traveling with me these days,” Halep said. “I didn’t take a decision about the coaching.

I’m not looking for a coach, I’m just enjoying my time alone and hopefully I can do a good job." It will be interesting to see how will Halep play in Indian Wells with Bourbon on her side. Halep won the Indian Wells Masters in 2015.

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