Victoria Azarenka shares message after breaking down in tears in Indian Wells

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Victoria Azarenka shares message after breaking down in tears in Indian Wells

Victoria Azarenka says she is "devastated" over the scenes from Ukraine as she says throughout her whole life she has considered Ukrainian people as very friendly. Russia and Belarus have been banned from competing in team events but Russian and Belarusian have been allowed to continue competing in international events.

However, they do not compete under the name or flag of their respective countries. "I am devastated by the actions that have taken place over the last several days - against - and in Ukraine. It's heartbreaking to see how many innocent people have been affected and continue to be affected by such violence.

Since my early childhood I have always seen and experienced Ukrainian and Belarusian people, as well as both nations, friendly and supportive of one another. It is hard to witness the violent separation that is currently taking place instead of supporting and finding compassion for each other," Azarenka said, per Matt Cronin.

My heart is with everyone directly and indirectly impacted by this war that is causing such pain and suffering for so many. I hope and wish for peace and an end to the war."

Azarenka beaten in the Indian Wells third round

Azarenka's campaign in Indian Wells came to an end after Elena Rybakina handed the Belarusian a 6-3 6-4 loss.

Azarenka took a moment for herself during the match and Rybakina wasn't too much happy about it. "No one understood what happened. If she would call physio or doctor, it's one thing. But we stop for couple of minutes, then we continue to play.

I guess the rules are not like this. You have to give warning or something," Rybakina said. "I'm not saying I want something back for her, but it's just the rules. Also hitting the ball out of the stands, I just know what happens if I do it. I know what's happening with other people. I just don't understand these things."