Leylah Fernandez shares advice to little girl that is hoping to become tennis pro

Fernandez shared a quality advice to a little girl that approached her.

by Dzevad Mesic
Leylah Fernandez shares advice to little girl that is hoping to become tennis pro

Leylah Fernandez shared an advice to a little girl that is hoping to one day become a professional tennis player. Fernandez, 19, is already one of the most popular players on the WTA Tour, having reached the final at last year's US Open.

Fernandez, ranked at No. 21 in the world, advised the girl to enjoy the process and to also focus on her school and grades. "Don't put too much pressure on yourself, you don't need to do everything perfectly. Have fun and don't forget school.

You will need it, even after tennis," Fernandez said, per Quentin Moynet.

Fernandez suffers a round-of-16 exit in the Indian Wells last-16

Fernandez made the Indian Wells round-of-16, before she was handed a 6-4 6-4 loss to Paula Badosa.

"I knew that [being aggressive and serving well would] be the key. I knew she was going to make me move and not make me hit, like stop, because I was going to be aggressive and not letting her be moving me a lot," Badosa said after beating Fernandez.

"The key was a little bit the serve and to push her when she was serving. In the important moments, in the key moments, I served well and went for it very good." After claiming a straight-set win over Fernandez, Badosa showed her class and spoke highly of the Canadian's game.

"I think she's very smart. Very intense. Very good timing. I think she has an amazing timing, how she takes the ball very soon. She opens angles. So she does a little bit of everything. She's lefty, so sometimes that's uncomfortable for us," Badosa said of Fernandez.

"Yes, she has a very good game. The thing I like most about Leylah, she has the same attitude no matter what. That's very important if you want to be a very good player."

Leylah Fernandez