Fabrice Santoro explains what makes Iga Swiatek dominant force

Swiatek has won her last 17 matches and she is the new world No. 1.

by Dzevad Mesic
Fabrice Santoro explains what makes Iga Swiatek dominant force

Former French tennis star Fabrice Santoro thinks Iga Swiatek's exceptional ability to attack and defend well is one of the keys to her becoming the new world No. 1. When Swiatek is feeling her game on the court, hardly anybody can stand a chance against her.

Also, when Swiatek's attacking game might be a bit off, she can find a way to win a match by imposing her exceptional defensive skills. “In my opinion, Iga is the only one today capable of winning a match by attacking or defending.

In general, it is she who puts pressure on her opponents, who attacks, in the service, in return on the second ball. It feels like his opponents are running out of oxygen because it's going too fast. But she is able to defend because she has exceptional physical qualities," Santoro told L'Equipe, as quoted on We Love Tennis.

Swiatek made Polish tennis history

On Monday, Swiatek officially became the world No. 1 for the first time in her career. In a message posted on her social media, Swiatek thanked everyone who helped her on her journey to becoming No.

1. Also, Swiatek expressed hope more great players will come out of Poland. "It's official today and I want to give myself, my family, my team, and partners a moment to celebrate it and to be happy about it. I usually don't focus on numbers, on rankings, but this moment is huge to me as I have become the first Polish, female or male, tennis player to reach the top spot in singles.

I hope maybe one day there will be more of us in Poland playing tennis at the highest possible level. I'm extremely grateful that my work could be an inspiration for some last people. And last but not least, I love the game and appreciate every moment of it these days," Swiatek said in a message posted on her social media.

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