Christopher O'Connell speaks on chances of seeing Ashleigh Barty in another sport

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Christopher O'Connell speaks on chances of seeing Ashleigh Barty in another sport

Australian tennis player Christopher O'Connell says he won't be surprised at all if Ashleigh Barty tries herself in another sport after retiring from tennis. In late March, Barty shocked the tennis world by announcing she was retiring at the age of 25.

Barty was in prime of her career as she won two of the last three Grand Slams and was also ranked at No. 1 in the world. After Barty stepped away from tennis for the first time in 2014, she tried herself in cricket. Some think Barty could take some time off and then give a shot to either cricket, golf or Australian Rules football.

“I won’t be surprised if Ash tries golf or Australian football. She is just so talented," O'Connell told Jose Morgado.

Barty didn't rule out trying herself in another sport

In her retirement press conference, Barty was asked directly whether there was a chance of seeing her play another sport.

“I’ve seen some brilliant Photoshops as a jockey, lawn bowls, I’ve seen a little bit. I love sport. I’m a sport nut. Like a lot of Australians are, I will be glued to it. I’ve always been an athlete in a sense of trying different things.

But we will see how we go,” Barty said during her retirement press conference. Australian tennis legend Rennae Stubbs also feels there is a good chance of seeing Barty play another sport. “Don’t be surprised if we see her walk down the fairway of an LPGA event,” Stubbs told Channel 7’s Sunrise.

"We know she can play cricket, we know that she’s basically a scratch golfer … she can kick a footy and can probably walk on for an AFLW team. I think she’s got a few things up her sleeve that she wants to achieve. And she’s young enough and smart enough [to make the change]."

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