Ashleigh Barty set to release series of children's book called 'Little Ash'

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Ashleigh Barty set to release series of children's book called 'Little Ash'

Former Australian tennis star Ashleigh Barty has revealed her plans tp release a series of children's books later this year. Barty, a former world No. 1, plans to release a six-book "Little Ash" series. Also, Barty revealed many stories will be based on her real-life experiences and her family.

"This project has been so much fun and something I have always wanted to do," Barty told NewsCorp, per Reuters. Barty is can't wait to start reading her stories to her five-year-old niece Lucy. "Lucy was my North Star," Barty said.

"She is the perfect age to understand stories and storylines and read chapter books. "I just love the fact she tells me what she thinks and what she feels and how she feels when she is reading a book. "Being able to read it to her will be great and to go up to readings to kids in rural areas is something I want to be really hands-on with."

Barty's new project making her happy and fulfilled

"At 25 it's not super-regular that something like this happens but it is a very exciting project," Barty said. "Looking back and talking about it has brought me so much joy and heartache and pain but I think it will be a very good read."

In late March, Barty announced a shock decision to retire from tennis at the age of 25. Two weeks later, Barty feels no regrets over her decision to end her career. "I am just so happy – I didn't need any reassurance but I have still felt that reassurance that I made the right decision," Barty said.

"I have spent so much time with my beautiful family and my nieces and nephew and you could not wipe the smile off my face the last few weeks. It's been awesome."