Bianca Andreescu reveals unhealthy habits that she will be looking to avoid this time

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Bianca Andreescu reveals unhealthy habits that she will be looking to avoid this time

Bianca Andreescu, 21, revealed the pressure and stress she was putting on herself was one main of the reasons why she ended in a dark spot as she hopes that she will avoid making the mistakes now that she has returned to tennis following a lengthy absence.

Last December, Andreescu posted a message on her social media, announcing her withdrawal from the Australian Open. In the message to fans, Andreescu said the past two years had been extremely difficult for her and she needed some time to reflect on everything and work on herself.

After skipping the first three and a half months of the season, Andreescu started her 2022 season this week in Stuttgart.

Andreescu: I was critical of myself, identified myself too much with my results

"I think I am patient because I felt like before, I felt so much pressure - not coming from other people, even though that's inevitable - but the pressure I put on myself, it was constant stress on me.

I felt like I had to continue putting that pressure on so that I could continue to push myself and push myself," Andreescu explained to WTA Insider. "But the whole point of me taking that break was realizing that it couldn't be like that.

I kind of made a habit out of it and it was very unhealthy. I identified myself too much with my results. If I lost, I hated myself. If I won, I loved myself. Or even if I did win, sometimes I was still hard on myself because I didn't like one game in the match.

"I was very critical and it was very unhealthy. People were telling me this and this and this, and I was absorbing it to the most of my capabilities at the time, but I felt like I was just so closed off from everything.

I was in my own world. I did feel like I was absorbing what they were telling me, but at the same time, I really wasn't. That wasn't fair to my team, my family, or my friends at all. So I was like, 'Yo, something needs to change because if I continue like this, my career is going to go down the drain.' "