Emma Raducanu reveals favorite F1 driver

Raducanu is a motorsport loves and follows Formula 1.

by Dzevad Mesic
Emma Raducanu reveals favorite F1 driver

2021 US Open champion Emma Raducanu is a motorsport lover and she reveals Daniel Ricciardo is her favorite F1 driver. Raducanu, 19, has a car driver license and last December revealed she was thinking of getting herself a motorbike license as well.

"I’d like it to be in a 911 because it’s my favourite, or perhaps the super sporty 718 Cayman GT4," Raducanu said. "As for the [F1] driver, Daniel Ricciardo would be my favourite as I think his skills and laid-back style are more fun and conducive to learning and improving fast." Raducanu, who was recently announced as the new Porsche brand ambassador, is playing at this week's Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in Stuttgart.

In an interview with the tournament, Raducanu opened up on her love for motorsport. ‟I think it is a very cool activity and I love the feeling of going fast and racing. The extreme accelerating and the hard braking, but I’m also interested in the mechanics and engineering," Raducanu told the Porsche Tennis tournament website.

Raducanu was six when she was introduced to motorsport .

‟I started early as a 6-year-old girl going karting and it made me feel different from other girls and boys in a very special and positive way," Raducanu added.

"Much cooler. I had so much fun once I started to get good and confident at it. Later motocross was a step up in challenge from go karting. But also lots of fun as let’s be honest, which kid doesn’t like getting dirty in the mud?” Even though Raducanu loves motorsport, she made it clear she is a pretty safe driver.

‟I would say I am a very safe and pretty decent driver who enjoys going fast when permitted. When I’m back home, I drive 3 hours a day to train. On my travels I don’t get to drive very often as I’m still too young for car rentals," Raducanu explained.

Emma Raducanu