Naomi Osaka grateful to supporters: Lot of people are praying on my downfall

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Naomi Osaka grateful to supporters: Lot of people are praying on my downfall

Four-time Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka took a moment to show her gratitude to those who have been supporting you as she acknowledged that she feels all the love and support she receives from her fans. The past year hasn't been easy for Osaka as she took two breaks from tennis to address her mental health.

After the Indian Wells incident - where Osaka was brought to tears by a heckler - she started seeing a therapist. "Lol I just want to say if you fw me thank you. Tbh there’s probably a lot of people praying on my downfall but I don’t really feel it cause the love overpowers everything.

Thank you," Osaka tweeted.

Osaka on working with a therapist

"Yeah, so -- hmm.

I don't know if I'm allowed to say this, but I finally started talking to a therapist after Indian Wells," Osaka said in Miami. "It only took like a year after French Open." Osaka revealed her therapist developed some kind of stragies she could use when in a difficult and challenging situation.

"Yeah, I don't know, she kind of like told me strategies and stuff," Osaka revealed. "I realize how helpful it is. I'm glad that I have people around me that told me to, like, go in that direction. But, yeah, I was basically just remembering all the things that she told me to do, just to take deep breaths and reset myself when I need to." Osaka, who was ranked around No.

80 last month, has jumped to No. 36 after reaching the Miami final. Osaka, who became the world No. 1 for the first time in January 2019, is aiming to return to the top spot. "I think by next year or by the end of this year, I would love to be Top 10," Osaka said after finishing runner-up in Miami.

"By next year I would love to be the No.1. Oh, that's a big statement. Erase that. Top 5. You know what? I'm going to set that goal. Top 1, yeah. No.1."