Strength and conditioning coach opens on what he is working with Iga Swiatek

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Strength and conditioning coach opens on what he is working with Iga Swiatek

Strength and conditioning coach/physiotherapist Maciej Ryszczuk admitted Iga Swiatek's stunning streak of 23 consecutive wins caught him by a surprise but noted the Pole is working extremely hard each day so those results are definitely not a coincidence.

"I would be lying if I said that I am not surprised. I don't know if there is anyone who predicted these results. I realized that Iga can do a lot physically, but you always have to add some tennis skills to it, do tedious work on a court, regardless of your ranking.

Iga is still working hard both physically and tennis-wise. You can see the effects of this," Ryszczuk told Swiatek's outstanding physical preparation has been one of the keys to her major success in 2022.

Even though Swiatek is exceptionally prepared, Ryszczuk is trying to find ways to take it to next level. "Smart energy management," Ryszczuk said, when asked about his top goal for the future.

Swiatek, Ryszczuk focused on the big picture

"We have far-reaching plans, we focus not only on this season, but we are already thinking about the next one.

We think long-term. The point is that Iga should broadcast in this tennis marathon, that it should be a marathon, not a sprint," Ryszczuk added. Swiatek hasn't lost since February as she has won four consecutive titles.

When asked about who could be the biggest threat to Swiatek this clay season, Ryszczuk said: "Very difficult question. Iga feels so well today that she is able to win with everyone, as shown on the court, but in tennis, practically everyone can surprise.

We saw in Stuttgart that Liudmila Samsonova should not pose a threat in theory, i.e. in terms of rankings, but she played a great match and almost won. Many players can pose a threat, but it often depends on the day's disposition.

In the semi-finals in Stuttgart, Samsonowa felt great, and Iga was a bit short of her "big performance", but she managed to get out of the momentary crisis. It is very valuable."