Iga Swiatek gives thoughts on Wimbledon ban for Russian, Belarusian players

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Iga Swiatek gives thoughts on Wimbledon ban for Russian, Belarusian players

World No. 1 Iga Swiatek didn't want to get too much into the Wimbledon decision to ban Russian and Belarusian players from competing as she stated that she is only for decisions that won't cause chaos. Last week, Wimbledon announced Russian and Belarusian players won't be allowed to compete at The Championships this year.

Shortly after the Wimbledon announcement, the ATP and WTA made it clear they do not support the decision made by the Wimbledon organizers. The whole situation could get messier as WTA chief Steve SImon warned Wimbledon to expect consequences for their decision.

"The situation is getting like more and more chaotic, I would say," Swiatek said in Madrid. "But I feel like it would be nice to have all these bodies making the proper decision so that we're not going to have that kind of chaos.

"I feel like people are expecting us players to make the decision, but it's pretty hard for us to make one because we know these people. We know each other. We are spending so much time on tour that it feels like we're family.

"For sure it's a tough situation and that's why I think the actual people who are responsible for making this decision, they should make one decision that is going to last."

Swiatek pulls out of Madrid

Swiatek, who kicked off her clay season by winning Stuttgart last week, arrived to Madrid but decided to withdraw from the tournament due to a right shoulder injury.

"Basically, it's not like we have some drama because everything is okay," Swiatek told reporters at Media Day in Madrid. "You can see in Stuttgart that basically I'm doing fine. We just thought that this is the best decision for me to recover properly because I didn't really have time to recover after all these tournaments.

After each of them I had like two days to chill out and then I had to come back to work and adjust to so many different things in every place. "So basically, right now I feel like this is the best decision for us to get ready for Rome and have the peak of my form in Roland Garros."