WTA bans tournaments in China in 2022 due to Peng Shuai's issue

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WTA bans tournaments in China in 2022 due to Peng Shuai's issue

WTA has decided not to let go and has suspended all tournaments scheduled in China in 2022 to push the government to investigate the sad affair with greater commitment. Speaking to The Tennis Podcast, Women's Tennis Association President Steve Simon reiterated that the women's tour will not return to China until Beijing launches a formal investigation into Peng's previous allegations.

"Unless China takes the required measures, we cannot put our players and staff at risk by organizing events in China. If the powerful can afford to silence women's voices and sweep the allegations of aggression under the carpet, then the foundation on which the WTA was founded, equality for women, would suffer a huge blow.

arrest," Simon explained. "We remain focused on finding a solution that everyone is comfortable with. We do not want to move away from China, we hope to return in 2023 with a resolution showing the progress made. It would be a win for the whole world.

We haven't had any recent conversations with Peng. I don't think you can change this world by moving away from problems. Change must be created. It may not be what you want. But we must find a solution that leads to a balance that allows us to go back and see progress in the country."

Last words on the issue

"Hi everyone, I'm Shuai Peng. As for the recent WTA press release, it was published without my consent and without my being able to verify or confirm its content. The information, especially regarding the allegation of violence, is false.

I am neither scattered nor in danger. I was just resting at home, everything is fine. Thank you so much for taking care of me." After the numerous allegations and the WTA statement, the Chinese state channel CGTN published an email attributed to the Chinese player and addressed to Steve Simon.

Despite the public appearances and the relaxing statements, the Shuai Peng case seems far from resolved and still raises many concerns in the world of tennis.