Daria Kasatkina explains why she is not bothered by Wimbledon ban

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Daria Kasatkina explains why she is not bothered by Wimbledon ban

Russian tennis star Daria Kasatkina admitted she has had conversation with fellow players regarding the Wimbledon decision but added she is not bothered by it because she doesn't want to bother herself with something she can't control.

Two weeks ago, Wimbledon confirmed Russian and Belarusian players won't be allowed to play at The All England Club this year. When Kasatkina was first asked about the Wimbledon decision, she refused to harshly criticize Wimbledon, simply stating there are far more worst things in the world than being banned from competing at a tennis tournament.

Several Russian and Belarusian players have voiced their frustration, insisting that Wimbledon was wrong and unfair.

Kasatkina: I'm focused only on what I can control

"Of course we are talking because there is no news so we are kind of like, ‘What’s going on?’ We don’t know,” Kasatkina told Eurosport.

“But what I’ve decided for myself is that there are things that are out of my control, out of our control, and I have to focus on something that’s not out of my power. “I have priorities, which are my family, the people I love, it’s my career also, and those are the things I have to be focused on.

“Whatever is going to be, is going to be. I’m just grateful for everything I have and everything I can do. Unfortunately the situation is like this, very unfortunate that we cannot do much and we have to just go with the updates and that’s it”.

Kasatkina won't be allowed to compete at Wimbledon or any other British grass court event. Kasatkina enjoyed a strong Wimbledon run in 2018, when she made the quarterfinal before losing to Angelique Kerber. Kasatkina didn't impress at Wimbledon last year as she was beaten by Jelena Ostapenko in the second round.