Naomi Osaka to play mixed doubles at Wimbledon: Could it be with Nick Kyrgios?

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Naomi Osaka to play mixed doubles at Wimbledon: Could it be with Nick Kyrgios?

Four--time Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka has revealed she plans to play mixed doubles at Wimbledon and tennis fans think Nick Kyrgios is the one she will be partnering at The Championships. Osaka and Kyrgios got to know each other in March as they spent some time practicing together in Los Angeles.

After the practice session, Osaka spoke positively of Kyrgios. Kyrgios returned the favor and also dropped a couple of nice words about Osaka. On Sunday, Osaka sufferd a surprise loss to Sara Sorribes Tormo in Madrid. After the match, Osaka revealed her volleying is one of the things on which she is working to improve.

Also, Osaka revealed to reporters her intention to play mixed doubles at Wimbledon.

Osaka: I don't want to disappoint my Wimbledon partner

“So I have been like really trying to focus on my net game because I’m going to play mixed doubles in Wimbledon – I know, shocking right? I’m shocked too,” Osaka said, per Tennis365.

“I really don’t want to like disappoint the person I’m playing with because whenever I play doubles I always say sorry, I’m going to try not being a liability, if this person sees it and they want to like respond, they can do that, but I don’t know.

“Isn’t it more fun to kind of see it when it’s around the time? I’m pretty sure if you wanted to guess you could guess who it is”. Osaka and Kyrgios held a practice session in Los Angeles in March.

After the practice session, Osaka revealed she was closely watching and analying the moves Kyrgios makes during his service motion. Also, Osaka revealed Kyrgios reached out to her following a difficult finish to her 2021 US Open campaign.

When speaking about Osaka, Kyrgios called her a great champion. Osaka and Kyrgios certainly think highly of each other so it shouldn't be a surprise if they indeed team up for mixed doubles at Wimbledon.