Amelie Mauresmo announces certain press changes at RG following Naomi Osaka case

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Amelie Mauresmo announces certain press changes at RG following Naomi Osaka case

French Open tournament director Amelie Mauresmo has revealed the tournament will make some changes with their approach to the media following the 2021 Naomi Osaka situation. Just before last year's French Open, Osaka announced she would not be doing press conferences during the tournament.

Following her first round win at the French Open, Osaka did an on-court interview but refused to do a press conference. As a top-10 player, Osaka was mandated to do a press conference but she refused. Osaka didn't wan't to draw any further negative attention so she pulled out of the rest of the tournament.

In a message posted on her social media, Osaka admitted to depression and anxiety. Also, Osaka said sometimes she was left feeling bad after some of the questions asked during her pressers.

Mauresmo: I know what Osaka is talking about

“It’s something that I personally felt when I was playing," Mauresmo told Eurosport.

“It was not as bad as now, especially because there was no social media, or much less at the time. So I think that today, this issue is even more present”. Following the Osaka situation, Mauresmo wants to make pressers a more comfortable experience for players at Roland Garros.

“First of all, we will now have a mixed zone for the players who do not raise big attendance in the press room. To make something more dynamic, more friendly for the players and a bit faster. As soon as it’s finished, it doesn’t drag on," Mauresmo said.

If a player receives the same question or a similar question, the moderator will have the right just to move onto the next question. “It’s not to censor the press, but it’s just to show a little common sense at certain moments to be able to move on. The post match for players will be made more fluid," Mauresmo noted.