Emma Raducanu reveals her biggest 'pinch-me moment'

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Emma Raducanu reveals her biggest 'pinch-me moment'

British tennis star Emma Raducanu sat down with Elle UK for a chat and there she was asked some interesting questions. The past 12 months have been absolutely crazy for Raducanu, who in a span of just a few months went from finishing her final A-Levels exam to becoming a tennis star and one of the most recognizable athletes in the world.

At the US Open last year, Raducanu became the first qualifier in tennis history to win a Grand Slam. When asked about her biggest "pinch-me moment," Raducanu revealed it was when the Queen sent her a letter. “Definitely when I stepped off the court at the US Open, and when I received a letter from the Queen,” Raducanu revealed in a video clip uploaded by Elle UK.

"I think the standout for me was when I got the letter from the Queen after the final. I just got taken into a room and they were like ‘Okay we have something for you’ and then I opened this folder and it was a letter that was printed out and signed by Her Majesty”.

Raducanu keeps it simple

After a stunning US Open victory, the Raducanu family gathered at home and threw a simple celebration - nothing too big or spectacular. When asked from where she her mental toughness from, Raducanu named her parents.

“I think my parents and the way they brought me up has played a part,” Raducanu revealed. “Even when I won the US Open, there was nothing big or amazing that my parents did to celebrate – we just came home and ate dumplings, and that was it.

We are very normal. My mum always encouraged me to be resilient. When facing adversity, it doesn’t matter how down you are, as long as you keep getting back up”. When asked about her dream doubles partner, Raducanu revealed she would like to play mixed doubles at Wimbledon with Andy Murray.