Mats Wilander gives thoughts on Simona Halep - Patrick Mouratoglou partnership

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Mats Wilander gives thoughts on Simona Halep - Patrick Mouratoglou partnership

Tennis expert Mats Wilander has noticed that Simona Halep has been working on becoming more aggressive and he thinks the Romanian will benefit from working with coach Patrick Mouratoglou. Halep, 30, announced Mouratoglou as he her new full-time coach last month.

After hiring Mouratoglou, Halep underlined her goal is to get back to winning Grand Slams and the biggest titles in the world. “I’m noticing a difference with Simona Halep’s game every year I see her,” Wilander told Eurosport.

“She’s trying to be a little bit more aggressive and that is the natural evolution of most tennis players, especially when you have won a couple of Grand Slams and the monkey is off your back and now you’re going back to the process of developing your game."

Wilander: Halep is in good hands with Mouratoglou

Before Indian Wells and Miami, Halep went for a training block at the Mouratoglou Academy. Halep asked Mouratoglou if he was interested in working with her but he couldn't accept the offer at first because he was still listed as Serena Williams' head coach.

After speaking with Williams, Mouratoglou notified Halep he was ready to become her new coach. Wilander thinks Halep is confident in Mouratoglou and that is one of the reasons why the Romanian might rediscover her old. “I see changes there and I think with the help of Patrick Mouratoglou - there will be a lot of confidence that Simona Halep will have with him because he worked with Serena for so long," added Wilander.

"But on the other hand, former coach Darren Cahill is one of the best coaches of all time as well. So I think Simona Halep, she’s in good hands but it’s still going to be up to her to implement those aggressive changes in matches”.

Halep, who captured her maiden Grand Slam title at the French Open in 2018, was hoping to win her third Grand Slam this fortnight at Roland Garros but she suffered a surprise second round defeat to Zheng Qinven.