Marcos Baghdatis gives thoughts on Emma Raducanu's coaching situation

Raducanu changed several coaches over the last 12 months.

by Dzevad Mesic
Marcos Baghdatis gives thoughts on Emma Raducanu's coaching situation

Former Grand Slam finalist Marcos Baghdatis thinks Emma Raducanu maybe wants to spend some time alone before deciding who she wants to be around her. Raducanu's constant coaching changes have drawn negative attention as many have been critical about her decision to change several coaches over the alst 12 months.

"I did block it out. I tried to find my team. I went back to my coach from Cyprus that I knew was a very important person for me, in my life when I was very young. And that’s what you should look for, friends that are in the game that were with you from the beginning, that know you as a person and keep you down on your feet and make you remember where you come from a bit," Baghdatis said, per Tennis Up To Date.

Baghdatis: Raducanu probably wants to be alone now

Raducanu hired Angelique Kerber's ex-coach Torben Beltz ahead of the 2022 season but split with the coach in April. “Time will show what Emma will do. And I think she’s in that moment that she wants to be alone now, maybe hear from few people until she decides what she wants.

Time will pass. Today maybe it’s not that great for her but tomorrow maybe it’s good. And again, not great and then good. I think she should find her way alone and it should come from her. It should be her decision, whether she takes a coach or not," Baghdatis said.

Following her stunning US Open victory, Raducanu landed several lucrative endorsement and sponsorship deals. Raducanu is now the face of some of the world's leading brands and one of the most marketable tennis players. "I would suggest start to go ahead and find her team.

It’s not just a coach, it’s an agent, the right agent, the right coach, the right fitness, the right physio, it’s a team. The right team around her that she decides and that she feels very comfortable with.

That will help her take all this talking of people, on social media, of everybody on her that will help her take those things out and focus on the tennis that’s for sure," Baghdatis said.

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