Daria Saville shows empathy for Ukrainian players: They need more support

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Daria Saville shows empathy for Ukrainian players: They need more support

Australian tennis player Daria Saville says she feels for Ukrainian players as she thinks the tennis community just isn't doing enough to support Ukrainian athletes. Saville, who was born in Moscow, represented Russia until emigrating to Australia in 2015.

Wimbledon took a big stance versus Russia when they imposed player bans on Russian players but the ATP and WTA responded by sanctioning The Championships. Ukrainian players were devastated when they saw the ATP and WTA sanctioning Wimbleodn for taking a stance versus Russia.

"To be honest, probably the tennis community does not support Ukraine enough. We could support more. I must say that I am very upset by the decision of the ATP and WTA on Wimbledon. It turns out that they punish everyone.

I can’t even imagine how the Ukrainian players are feeling right now. They probably feel like the other side was chosen and not theirs. I'm really sorry that this is happening," Saville said, per btu.org.ua.

Saville: I'm good with Ukrainian players

Several days after the war started, Saville tweeted "Russia.

Stop the war. Silence in the current situation is equal to complicity. Putin, stop the war. The army, go back home!" Reflecting on her support, Saville said: "I have many friends among Ukrainian players, Elina, we are the same age, Marta.

The girls texted me back and thanked me for their support. In fact, for me it was an absolutely normal decision, I wanted to play in the Ukrainian colors myself. That was kind of my point view of what is happening, that I really support Ukraine.

Now I just have the feeling that I don’t know what else can be done, because I just play tennis. It’s a big regret that all of this is happening in Ukraine right now." Saville, formerly known as Gavrilova, recently said she probably can't go back to Russia following her comments.