Cori Gauff on her basketball days: I was Draymond Green

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Cori Gauff on her basketball days: I was Draymond Green

American tennis star Cori Gauff revealed she wasn't offensively really talented for basketball but was able to play a really strong defense. Gauff, who turned 18 this past March, has been on the WTA Tour for around three years and she is definitely one of the most talented players on the Tour.

Reflecting on her basketball days, Gauff stated she was able to lock down opponents on defense, something like Draymond Green. Green, a three-time NBA champion who plays for the Golden State Warriors, is one of the best defenders in the NBA.

In 2017, Green was named the NBA Defensive Player of the Year. "I was really good on defense. I couldn't shoot to save my life, but defense I was on. Guarding people, I was really good at that," Gauff told WTA insider.

"But, yeah I was the defensive player. I was Draymond Green. No offense to him (laughs)”.

Gauff on being herself

Gauff was just eight years old when people started comparing her to 23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams.

Those comparisons brought pressure and likely unrealistic expectations on Gauff. However, Gauff was able to put those talks behind her and focus on being the best possible version of herself. "Ever since I joined the tour, or even when I was even 8 years old, [people were saying] the next Serena, next this, next that, and I think I really fell into the trap of believing that," Gauff said.

"I felt like I was to the point where even when I made the second week or beat Naomi [Osaka] at Australian Open, I remember I was happy but I wasn't that happy because, I was, like, I feel like that's what I should do.

Whereas now I'm really appreciating each win and loss." At the French Open, Gauff reached her maiden Grand Slam semifinal as she plays Martina Trevisan next.