Emotional Jorge Fernandez wishes his daughter Leylah stopped her French Open match

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Emotional Jorge Fernandez wishes his daughter Leylah stopped her French Open match

Leylah Fernandez's dad and coach Jorge said he was angry and concerned after seeing his daughter continue to play her French Open quarterfinal match despite being in obvious pain and discomfort. In the French Open quarterfinal, Fernandez was clearly in pain and discomfort during her clash versus Martina Trevisan.

Even though Fernandez was clearly struggling on the court, she decided against retiring the match. In the end, Fernandez ended up losing in three sets as Trevisan claimed a 6-2 6-7 (3) 6-3. Fernandez aggravated her foot injury by continuing to play and after the match she was diagnosed with a Grade 3 stress stress fracture in the top of her right foot.

"Anger. I was very angry. And very concerned. Again, it's very hard because you have both hats on. And of course, as a coach you kind of say like, okay you know what you got yourself into. That's your decision that you're going to make, then go ahead," Jorge said on TSN.

Fernandez senior frustrated he couldn't speak to his daughter

Reflecting on the match, Fernandez senior said wishes to could have spoken to his daughter and tried to "put some sense in her."

"That's one of the problems with the WTA is you don't get a chance to consult our players. We don't get a chance to call a simple 30 second time-out and see what really is going on. You know, and I know they tried it in the past and just wonder why it stopped because," Jorge added.

"I think, you know, there was moment, you know, where I could've put some sense into her. And maybe instead of it being what it is now, it could've been a little bit less. Of course as a father I'm concerned and sad and I wanted her to stop."