Elina Svitolina gives thoughts on US Open allowing Russian players to compete


Elina Svitolina gives thoughts on US Open allowing Russian players to compete

Ukrainian tennis star Elina Svitolina revealed she hoped the US Open would take a more serious action against Russian players. Unlike Wimbledon, the US Open plans to allow Russian athletes to compete at the tournament. However, Russian players will be recognized as neutrals at the US Open.

Reflecting on the US Open's decision to allow Russian players to compete, Svitolina said she thought they should have taken a more serious action. “It’s their decision to make, they decided to take this path.

I don’t support it because I feel like they should have taken more serious action,” Svitolina told Reuters. “Our (Ukraine’s) sports is thrown back by 10 years minimum because all the infrastructure has been damaged or completely destroyed.

I can tell you many, many factors that can play a role in the decision of not letting Russian and Belarusian players compete”.

Svitolina: There is a tension between Ukrainian and Russian players

Several Ukrainian players claimed Russian players completely turned their back to Russian players when they arrived for the Indian Wells tournament in March.

After the invasion started, Ukrainian players hoped Russian players would come to them and show support - but that wasn't the case. “For us it was not really understandable why we didn’t get support from them.

I feel like it created tension between us,” Svitolina revealed. Also, Svitolina reflected on the upcoming parenthood. Last month, Svitolina and her husband Gael Monfils announced they're expecting a baby girl this upcoming October.

“The priorities changed, the vision of life changed,” she said. “It’s not that I didn’t cherish the family time with my parents before but now I really enjoy spending time with them. They got a chance to leave Ukraine and they are in Europe right now. A lot of things changed inside, mentally. A war really changes people”.

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