British mind coach thinks Emma Raducanu's injury problems are 'anxiety-related'

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British mind coach thinks Emma Raducanu's injury problems are 'anxiety-related'

Mind coach Don Macpherson says Emma Raducanu is not looking relaxed on the court and he thinks stress is causing some of the Briton's injury problems. Raducanu, 19, has been struggling with physical issues throughout the entire season and now she is battling a side injury ahead of Wimbledon.

Raducanu kicked off her grass season in Nottingham, where she retired injured seven games into her first round match. “I’m not saying she is making these injuries up – they are real for sure – but they are almost certainly also anxiety-related," Macpherson said, as quoted on Tennishead.

“Pressure is a privilege but at the moment it isn’t for Raducanu. She will say everything is cool and I’m sure she genuinely believes that, but I have studied body language and I would say she doesn’t look relaxed, she seems to have something on her mind.

To me it looks as though her mind does not trust her body, and when the mind and body are not in sync it is impossible to be at your very best, whatever the challenge."

Macpherson: Stress is a contributing factor in Raducanu's injury problems

Macpherson says stress can definitely be a contributing factor to various injures as he explains the body tightens up while under the anxiety.

“If there is a problem within the mind it will affect the body, and equally if there is a physical problem then the mind will be unable to focus 100 per cent on the task in hand. The bigger the mind/body disconnect, the more likely the drop in performance," Macpherson added.

“Anxiety tightens the body up. I’ve had this in racing drivers who get strange injuries near a big race or upset tummies. In my opinion, reducing mental pressure, especially near big tournaments, will give her body a better chance of dealing with the physical stress”.

On Monday, Raducanu was spotted practicing at The All England Club. All the signs are pointing toward Raducanu being ready for Wimbledon.