Cori Gauff hints she has picked Jack Sock as her Wimbledon mixed doubles partner

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Cori Gauff hints she has picked Jack Sock as her Wimbledon mixed doubles partner

American tennis star Cori Gauff has hinted she plans to team up with Jack Sock for the Wimbledon mixed doubles event. Last week, Gauff asked her Twitter followers if anyone was interested in teaming up with her. Sock was one of the players that initially expressed interest, tweeting at Gauff, "We'd be a decent team."

This week, Gauff has seemingly confirmed that Sock will be her mixed doubles partner at Wimbledon. "Mixed doubles partner reveal?" a fan asked Gauff on TikTok. Gauff responded: "His last name is the same as an article of clothing."

Gauff wants to win but to also have fun

When Gauff was asked about her mixed doubles partner preference, she revealed she'd like to play with someone with who she could win but also have fun.

"I have some options," Gauff said last week. "I'm going to pick based off who I think I'll have a lot of fun with. Obviously, you want to win and everything, but I just want to have fun on the court, because you only get the opportunity to play mixed doubles at the Grand Slam."

Gauff is set to play mixed doubles at a Grand Slam for the third time in her career. At the US Open in 2018, Gauff and Chris Eubanks reached the last-16. The following year at Wimbledon, Gauff and Jay Clarke suffered a first round defeat.

Three years have passed since Gauff has a played a mixed doubles match. "The reason why I put it on Twitter was, honestly, I didn’t know who to ask, and I’m honestly scared of rejection. I didn’t want to ask somebody and get rejected, so I was just seeing who responded.

It’s been a success; I haven’t found a partner yet, but I have some options and now I’m just trying to decide who,” Gauff said. Gauff and Sock could definitely do well at Wimbledon as Sock is a three-time Grand Slam champion in men's doubles and he also has one Major in mixed doubles.