“Afraid” Simona Halep withdrew over false reason pre-Wimbledon, says former player

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“Afraid” Simona Halep withdrew over false reason pre-Wimbledon, says former player

Even though Simona Halep withdrew invoking neck pain from Bad Homburg, a tournament preceding Wimbledon this year, she was recently accused of lying by Mihai Rusu, a former Romanian tennis player from Ilie Nastase’s generation.

To support his accusation, Mihai Rusu said he had three sources that confirmed that the medical report that Halep used to withdraw from Bad Homburg indicated a problem at another group of muscles instead of her neck. “I checked three sources and all three indicate the same diagnosis.

The medical report shows that she had pain in the twin muscles, not in the neck. But she can present any medical report to the tournament doctor, this is less important. Pain can be caused by a slight stretch or a contracture.

She runs a lot, she lives on her feet, she has run like hell so far! I think she found a good reason. She probably felt some slight problems and said, ‘I’m not 100% in full force and I’m giving up!’. . Because she was afraid of Bianca Andreescu anyway!” said Mihai Rusu to the Romanian publication Pro Sport.

We don’t know whether Simona Halep was afraid or not. On the other side, Bianca Andreescu was keen to meet Halep as she wanted to take revenge after the defeat against Halep at the 2019 WTA finals.

What Simona Halep said about her injury

Simona Halep, the former world number one, awoke Friday morning with a blocked neck and chose to withdraw before her Bad Homburg semifinal match against Bianca Andreescu.

"I am sorry that I had to withdraw today before my semifinal match. But unfortunately, I woke up this morning with a blocked neck and this is not allowing me to perform to the best of my ability. I have had a great time here in Bad Homburg, I have enjoyed playing here very much.

I would like to thank the tournament for organizing such a great event, one of the best I have been to. It made me feel at home and in the best conditions to perform. To see a full center court packed all the time is very unique and the crowd is extremely respectful and has been fantastic to me. See you all very soon," Halep said on Instagram.