Maria Sharapova, 35, and fiance welcome their first baby

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Maria Sharapova, 35, and fiance welcome their first baby

Maria Sharapova has given a birth to a baby boy as she and her fiance Alexander Gilkes have welcomed their first child. Sharapova and Gilkes went public with their relationship in 2018 and they have been engaged since 2020.

Earlier this year, Sharapova revealed she was expecting their first child. In an Instagram post shared this Friday, Sharapova revealed she gave birth to a son named Theodore. "The most beautiful, challenging, and rewarding gift our little family could ask for," Sharapova captioned her Instagram post.

Sharapova, 35, welcomes her first child

Sharapova enjoyed a very successful career and finished as an all-time great.

In a recent interview, Sharapova reflected on her career and spoke about the importance her parents played in her success. When it became evident that Sharapova was extremely talented for tennis, her parents gave their absolute best to support her and help her achieve her tennis dreams.

“Both of my parents are actually from Belarus, and because of the Chernobyl explosion and my mother was pregnant with me at the time, they moved to Siberia, so I was born there. At the age of two, we moved to Sochi, a much more comfortable city, and that’s where I started playing tennis," Sharapova said on the Never Stand Still podcast.

“At the age of five, I went to this little clinic in Moscow that was held by Martina Navratilova and she told my father we need to get out of Russia. These circumstances for an athlete are much better in the US, particularly in Florida, and my father never looked back.

He talked to my mom. She took a huge chance, and my father and I went to Florida on a plane without her. In hindsight, I think those are the years that shape your story. I was so lucky that I did fall in love with this sport with hitting forehands and backhands."