Leylah Fernandez opens up on how her parents kept her grounded

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Leylah Fernandez opens up on how her parents kept her grounded

Leylah Fernandez revealed her father didn't allow her to look at the rankings or other results growing up as he wanted her to remain focused on her own game and tennis. Fernandez's father, Jorge, serves as her coach.

“You know, growing up my dad, it's actually hilarious, my dad would forbid me looking at the rankings, looking at the points or looking at the results. So growing up, I would only show up at the tennis match and play tennis and without that worry in my mind,” Fernandez told Sportsnet.

Fernandez on parents keeping her grounded

Fernandez, 19, is considered as one of the most promising and talented players on the WTA Tour. As a junior, Fernandez reached two Grand Slam finals. Thrughout Fernandez's entire tennis development, her parents were there.

“The only anything I can say is that first and foremost he's my dad. He will tell me the truth when I'm doing things wrong. And there were some moments where I was not grounded, I will not lie because that happens to everybody.

But he was there. My mom was there to pop my bubble and just to tie a huge brick and bring me down as quickly as possible down to earth,” Fernandez said. Fernandez said she realized a long ago that her father is there to help her in many life areas and she is grateful for everything he has been doing.

“I think because of that, I kind of understood that my dad is my friend but first he's my parent. He's going to teach me about life, about how to be independent, how to be strong and then also how to be honest with yourself,” Fernandez added.

Meanwhile, Fernandez has made a winning start to her Toronto campaign. On Monday, Fernandez defeated qualifier Storm Sanders 6-4 6-7 (2) 6-3. Fernandez plays Beatriz Haddad Maia next.