Leylah Fernandez opens up how she felt during key doctor's appointment

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Leylah Fernandez opens up how she felt during key doctor's appointment

Leylah Fernandez admitted she was very anxious during her doctor's appointment as she feared the doctor would come with the negative news. Fernandez, 19, sustained a Grade 3 stress fracture at the French Open. After receiving the news, Fernandez knew she would be forced to sit out the entire grass season and Wimbledon.

Fernandez was initially hoping to play an exhibition match at the Atlanta Open in late July and also compete at the Citi Open in Washington but was forced to withdraw from those two events. This Monday, Fernandez made her return to competitive action by beating Storm Sanders in the National Bank Open first round in Toronto.

“It was huge. Going to the doctor's appointment, my heart was racing, my palms were sweating. I was just there kind of tapping my foot and then thinking what happens if the doctor says no,” Fernandez told Sportsnet.

"My dad was there beside me and he said ‘everything's going to be fine, stop thinking, play your Sudoku, go on Instagram, do whatever you want in the waiting room but just calm down and think positively.’”

Fernandez on receiving the good news

“Luckily, after the x-ray and when the doctor went to check it out, he came with the good news.

He first said ‘you have the green light, you can do what you want,’ which put a huge smile on my face. I looked at my dad and I think when we told my mom I heard that she had a few tears in her eyes because she knew how hard it was for me,” Fernandez added.

When Fernandez was diagnosed with a Grade 3 stress fracture, she felt deprived as she knew she would be out for an extended period. Fortunately, her recovery process has gone well and she is not missing any major events during this year's North American hard court swing.