Iga Swiatek: When we were little, tennis attention was mostly on my sister Agata

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Iga Swiatek: When we were little, tennis attention was mostly on my sister Agata

Iga Swiatek revealed it was her sister Agata that was receiving more attention from tennis coaches but noted it was mostly because Agata was three years older. At the time, Iga was considered as the more talented one but it was Agata that had the more discipline.

In junior high school, Agata quit tennis. On the other side, Iga continued to pursue a professional tennis career and the rest is history. "When we were little, most of the attention - I mean the number of training sessions and the coach’s involvement - was focused on Agata.

This was probably because she was older, so everything she did was more advanced. I remember that whenever someone compared us or I heard my dad say something about us surreptitiously, I was always the more talented but Agata was the diligent one.

As a child I was very energetic and maybe even a bit absent-minded so sometimes I needed a reality check to have a sense of duty, to learn regularity and discipline. Agata, on the other hand, had it right from the start," Swiatek told Przeglad Sportovy.

Swiatek on kicking off her sport life in a swimming pool

Before Swiatek pick up a tennis racket, she tried herself in the swimming pool. Swiatek never really liked swimming but she felt the instant connection between herself and tennis when she picked up a racket.

Also, Swiatek revealed her sister Agata was actually talented in swimming. "I didn't like it, I was afraid of water. Even now I don’t enjoy swimming. I prefer to just splash around. Besides, I spent time in the pool when I was recovering from injuries so the associations are grim.

I was not a talented swimmer but from what I heard, my sister was. Life has its own way and a series of events led to us doing different things. I took up tennis and I'm very happy about it because, unlike swimming, this sport suits me," Swiatek admitted.