Russia backs up Tursunov in Raducanu deal: “He is ours, we do not leave him”

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Russia backs up Tursunov in Raducanu deal: “He is ours, we do not leave him”

After some UK politicians urged tennis star Emma Raducanu to reconsider her decision to hire Tursunov, the president of the Russian Tennis Federation Shamil Tarpischev reacted claiming ownership over Tursunov. “He is ours, he happens at our training camps, we do not leave him, we support him.

The question of whom he trains is the personal opinion of the athlete. We once offered him to work, just like Chesnokov, but he chose a different path, it is more profitable to train one of the leading athletes today,” Shamil Tarpishchev said, per TACC.

British MP Chris Bryant urged the 19-year-old Briton to "reconsider her choice." "The Kremlin will portray this as a PR coup and an indication that the UK doesn’t really care about the war in Ukraine, so it’ll be a real shame if Emma Raducanu goes ahead with this.

I urge her to think again and at the very least to condemn Putin’s barbaric war,” Bryant told The Telegraph.

Raducanu’s first impression of Tursunov

Coach Dmitry Tursunov has been referred to as a "really relaxed guy" by world No.

10 Emma Raducanu, who so far seems to like his company. The Daily Mail revealed that Raducanu would compete in her maiden summer hard-court competition in Washington, D.C., with Tursunov. After only five months of working together, Raducanu and his coach Torben Beltz parted ways in April.

Now that Raducanu and Tursunov are working together on a trial basis, it is clear from her statements that she is happy with the Russian coach's contributions and may opt to hire him permanently. "He's a really relaxed guy and personality.

I think that he is great to have around. When you are 5-All in the breaker, he's still chill, probably making some really bad joke. He's got a good sense of humor. He's good to have around in the team. He's teaching me how to be easier on myself, not trying to chase this perfection [e.g.] you can win and not be perfect," Raducanu said of Tursunov, per James Gray.