Laura Robson defends Emma Raducanu: Kids across Great Britain absolutely love her

Robson not impressed with all the criticism that has been coming toward Raducanu's way.

by Dzevad Mesic
Laura Robson defends Emma Raducanu: Kids across Great Britain absolutely love her

Laura Robson feels Emma Raducanu definitely hasn't deserved all the criticism she has been receiving as she thinks the 19-year-old is actually "doing amazingly well" in her first full WTA season. Raducanu has been struggling with her game and injuries since her stunning 2021 US Open triumph, but she is playing her first full season on the Tour and she is just 19 years old.

Robson suggested that Raducanu is just going through challenges and experiences that are common for players in early stages of their careers. “I find it so funny that this story is still coming up. I swear we speak about this every week,” Robson told Tennis365.

“People who know tennis and what she has gone through over the last year know what to expect. I think she is doing amazingly well. She absolutely deserves her ranking because she has won a Slam. After the US Open, let’s see where she is then and she can restart."

Robson: Many of the young players told me Raducanu was their favorite player

Besides becoming a Grand Slam champion at 18, Raducanu is a very charismatic and likable person.

Kids across Great Britain absolutely love Raducanu and Robson noted that says everything you need to know about the 19-year-old's impact on British tennis. “I’m really feeling positive about how she is playing,” Robson added.

"She won a couple of matches in Washington in such terrible conditions with the heat and humidity was a great sign. I know she went to Florida straight after Wimbledon to get a couple of training weeks in and you can see what a big difference it makes for her confidence.

Emma has already inspired so many youngsters in England and around the world with her success and that can continue. I did an advert for the Play Your Way to Wimbledon competition and so many of the young players there said Emma was their favourite player, which shows the impact she has had."

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