Coco Gauff flagged by TikTok after posting bathing suit video: “I am 18”


Coco Gauff flagged by TikTok after posting bathing suit video: “I am 18”

After young tennis star Coco Gauff published a TikTok video showing her walking on a beach in a bathing suit, TikTok placed her post under review. “Why is this under review? TikTok, I am 18 wearing a bathing suit,” Gauff reacted in the comments section of the video she posted.

@cocogauff this song + the beach = 🫶🏾 ♬ Novacane - sp3dupsounds0
Gauff’s video had positive feedback from her followers. Below you can read a few of them:
  • “Omg coco you’re so freakin pretty”
  • “Coco you are a queen”
  • “You’re stunning”
  • “You are so gorgeous!

    Love you, Coco!”

In another TikTok video, Cori “Coco” Gauff attempted a chair trick but things went wrong as she failed to pull off the move. “Not me thinking I could actually do this bruh,” Gauff captioned the video.

Watch Gauff’s chair attempt in this article: FAIL: Coco Gauff falls from chair after fancy trick attempt

Will Coco Gauff play the US Open

At Cincinnati, while 5-3 up against Marie Bouzkova during her first round match, Gauff rolled her ankle.

Gauff then lost the next five games before ultimately retiring the match. With the US Open starting in 10 days, her fans expressed concern. "Hi everyone! I just wanted to give an update since I have gotten tons of really nice messages of concern.

I promise I'm ok! The world is not ending lol! I have been told it is most likely a really minor sprain so everything should be healed very soon. Thank you everyone for reaching out and I'll see you soon," Gauff wrote in a message posted on her Twitter.

It remains to be seen whether Gauff will join US Open on both the singles and the doubles draws. Gauff is the top-ranked WTA doubles player in the world. "Being No. 1 is pretty cool. I have no words," Gauff said, per the WTA website.

"Honestly, as a kid, I didn't even know there were separate rankings for singles and doubles. So as a kid, no. But when I got on tour and realized I could do well in doubles, yes. I didn't put pressure on myself to do it, but I wanted to.

Who wouldn't want to be No. 1 in anything? But yeah, I would say when I got on tour and started doing well in doubles and my ranking started going up, I realized that No. 1 was possible,” said Gauff.

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