Mari Osaka writes touching message to Naomi Osaka, who 'saved' her life

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Mari Osaka writes touching message to Naomi Osaka, who 'saved' her life

Mari Osaka wrote a heartfelt message to her sister Naomi Osaka, saying she saved her in life in "ways she doesn't even know." Mari, 26, is the older sister of four-time Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka. Mari tried herself in pro tennis but she was nowhere near successful as her sister Naomi.

Mari, who last played at an ITF event in January 2021, never broke into the top-250 in the world. Now, Mari is pursuing a career in fashion design and Naomi is the one who is helping her achieve her dreams.

Mari Osaka to Naomi Osaka: Thank you and I love you

"Special post for my sister Naomi.

Without her this would have been absolutely impossible. The support she’s given me after I quit tennis, I was literally a struggling artist. She got me the jobs I needed to be able to stand by myself. Tennis had put me into debt with traveling and coach expenses, I was not successful enough to support myself or my dreams.

She has literally saved my life in ways she doesn’t know. Every time the media paints her in an evil light, it’s the furthest from the truth. I want to shout it to the world because it makes me so pissed off. You’re the most giving person I know and honestly I really would like you to stop giving and take care of yourself more.

I can take care of myself now, I hope you can see that. Thank you Naomi, I love you. I hope you guys can cheer her on at us open this year," Mari wrote on Instagram.

In late August, Naomi took to Instagram to reveal the latest Yonex racket designed by her sister Mari.

"A brand new beautiful racquet, designed by my talented sister, Mari Osaka. Big thank you to Yones for being like a family and supporting me all these years. (PS you can get these racquets and bag on Aug 25)," Naomi Osaka wrote on Instagram in late August.