Petra Kvitova gets engaged to Pliskova’s past coach in “special place” before US Open

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Petra Kvitova gets engaged to Pliskova’s past coach in “special place” before US Open

Two-time Wimbledon winner Petra Kvitova got engaged to her boyfriend and coach Jiri Vanek ahead of the 2022 edition of the US Open. Jiri Vanek coached Karolina Pliskova in the past. Kvitova announced the news on social media.

“Happy news we wanted to share with you guys… I said ‘yes’ in my special place,” said Kvitova.

The official social media accounts of WTA, Australian Open, and more expressed their love and congratulations for the happy couple.

Kvitova’s future husband on her killer instinct

Back in 2019, Jiri Vanek explained how keeping Kvitova in her bubble triggers her “killer instincts” on the court. “First day [in Melbourne] was pretty hot, and they played more than three hours.

And she lost," Vanek said ahead of Kvitova’s Australian Open women's final against Japanese Naomi Osaka. “She was close to turn around that match. And it sometimes happens like that. We just decided after the match straight away [to focus on another tournament in Russia].

And she won in St Petersburg, so probably she totally forgot Australia and she started to be happy again,” he added. "We try in our team to smile everywhere. We make a lot of, I'm going to say, not bullshit, but we talk about...

we make so many funny stuff around the court. She likes it," Vanek said. "But sometimes [it] happens, like, two, three months she's not in the bubble and then she plays in a different way. We just try to put her into her bubble.

Then she finds her killer instincts,” said Vanek. Jiri Vanek pointed out a reason that brings Kvitova out of her bubble. “Sometimes she has too much care about other people than herself," Vanek said. “So I’m just telling her every day – it's your tennis.

It's up to you. You are two-time Wimbledon champion. Just play for yourself”. "She was too much focused on some other people than herself. I think this just changed. She's now taking [thing] much seriously about herself,” said Vanek.