John McEnroe weighs in on Iga Swiatek calling US Open balls 'horrible'

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John McEnroe weighs in on Iga Swiatek calling US Open balls 'horrible'

John McEnroe thinks Iga Swiatek voicing displeasure with the US Open ball situation might be her way of "letting out some nerves" ahead of the final Grand Slam of the season. In Cincinnati, Swiatek questioned why the US Open is still the only Grand Slam where the men and women use a different type of balls.

Swiatek described the balls the women use during the North American hard court swing as "horrible" and "pretty bad." In case the balls used for the US Open women's event are indeed lighter, McEnroe says Swiatek "has got to come to grips with it" and find a way to go out and win.

“Maybe that's just letting out some nerves,” McEnroe said on Eurosport. “Maybe there's some truth to that, maybe the balls are a little bit lighter, maybe she doesn't like that. But whatever it is, she's got to come to grips with it because she's still obviously one of the favourites, or the favourite, even though she hasn't done well, she's still going to be No.

1 seed and people are going to expect you to do well. She's an incredible athlete and I believe that she'll figure it out and she'll win majors. I believe she'll win some on a faster hard court. I don't think that she's only going to win on clay”.

Swiatek on the US Open balls: Horrible, pretty bad

“I think those balls are horrible, especially after like three games of really hard playing, they are getting more and more light,” Swiatek said. “At the end, you can’t even serve at 170km/h because it’s going to fly like crazy.

I think they are pretty bad." After suffering a surprise defeat to Madison Keys in the Cincinnati last-16, Swiatek blamed the balls for the loss. Swiatek hasn't been playing well this summer on hard courts as she picked up back-to-back round-of-16 exits in Toronto and Cincinnati. It remains to be seen if Swiatek can find her game in New York and make her first deep run this summer.