Fiona Ferro denies ex-coach lawyer claims: It wasn't consensual, I was raped


Fiona Ferro denies ex-coach lawyer claims: It wasn't consensual, I was raped

French tennis player Fiona Ferro has confirmed that she has indeed accused ex-coach Pierre Bouteyre of rape and se*ual assault. This week, French media reported that charges were filed against coach Bouteyre over rape and se*ual assault.

Also, French media reported that Bouteyre's lawyer said his client wasn't denying having se*ual acts with Ferro, but claimed that it was with consent. Now, Ferro has taken to social media, where she underlined that she never consent to se*ual acts with her ex-coach.

“I take note of Pierre Bouteyre’s position on my accusation of acts of rape and se*ual assault by a person in authority. I confirm that I did not consent and that the rapes and se*ual assaults were committed by moral constraint according to article 222-24 of the Penal Code.

I put all my trust in the justice system of my country and confirm that I do not want to make any other declaration on the criminal investigation procedure. Thank you very much to all those who show me their support in this difficult but necessary step,” Ferro said in a statement posted on her Instagram.

Alize Cornet on Ferro's allegations

Cornet, 32, worked with coach Bouteyre between 2002 and 2012 and from 2018 to 2019. Cornet acknowledged that Ferro's allegations are "serious" and revealed that she reached out to Ferro, to offer her support.

"It's far too serious and serious a subject for me to talk about during the tournament (US Open). It obviously affects me a lot and maybe that's one of the reasons why I don't sleep very well at night,” Cornet told L'Equipe.

“Obviously, I'm sending huge support to Fiona, which I did via text because she's my buddy. It's terrible, for both of them and especially for Fiona. He was my coach for 10 years so it's not cool to learn that kind of stuff."

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