Cori Gauff shares thoughts on Fiona Ferro acussing ex-coach of rape

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Cori Gauff shares thoughts on Fiona Ferro acussing ex-coach of rape

Cori Gauff has applauded Fiona Ferro for finding the strength to go public with her story as the American is hoping it will lead to positive changes. Last week, French media reported that Ferro accused ex-coach Pierre Bouteyre over rape and se*ual assault.

According to French media, Ferro was se*ually assaulted between 2012 and 2015, aged 15 to 18. Over the weekend, Ferro released a statement, in which she underlined that she never consent to having that type of relationship with her ex-coach.

"I want to say it takes a lot of courage to speak out about something like that for something so personal," Gauff said. "I think the reason why she spoke out, I feel like she probably had to process it herself, get through it herself.

I think by her speaking out creates more awareness of it. I hope that the situation doesn't repeat, you know, because I feel like it's a lot in tennis sometimes that it happens. I hope she's doing well now, and I want to say kudos to her for speaking out about it.

I always say you never know what somebody else is going through. I hope that her message reaches somebody who might have gone through the same situation."

Gauff on playing Caroline Garcia

On Sunday, Gauff defeated Zhang Shuai 7-5 7-5 to progress into her first US Open quarterfinal.

Next up for Gauff will be Caroline Garcia, who won Cincinnati leading up to the US Open. Going into the match, Gauff owns a 2-0 head-to-head versus Garcia. But Garcia has won three titles this summer and Gauff knows that a difficult task is ahead of her.

"I think right now she's playing probably the best tennis," Gauff said. "It's going to be a challenge. When you play these players that are on a streak, I think it's more of a mental challenge. You just got to accept she's going to hit some great shots, because I know she will."