Katie Swan shrugs off concerns regarding Emma Raducanu

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Katie Swan shrugs off concerns regarding Emma Raducanu

British tennis player Katie Swan thinks there is absolutely no need to be concerned about Emma Raducanu and her future. Raducanu, 19, has been struggling with her game since her stunning US Open triumph. But Swan underlines that Raducanu is still very young and just getting experienced.

“Obviously, that’s a difficult result for her, but I don’t think there’s any need to worry about her. She’s going to be fine. She had an unbelievable result last year, but so many players on the tour have great leads and then, they don’t follow up.

It’s just a part of the women’s game and she’s an amazing player. She’s so young and she’s got so much time to keep going," Swan said of Raducanu, per Sportstar.

Swan: The amount of fame Raducanu received was insane

When Raducanu won her first Grand Slam, she was ranked outside the top-100, playing just her second Grand Slam tournament, and didn't have much experience on the WTA Tour.

Some thought that putting massive expectations and pressure on Raducanu wasn't really fair, considering the circumstances. "I can’t say I can relate because the amount of fame that she got was just insane. She’s handled it very well.

I can’t really imagine what it was like for your life to basically change over a fortnight. She’s still top 100 after a year on the tour which for her age is great. I offer my support to her if she ever needs to talk, but she’s doing just fine," Swan added.

After the US Open was over, Raducanu said she was disappointed with her first round exit but also added that she was happy about being in "a clean state" now. Raducanu is hoping that now that the US Open is over, she can get back to playing freely and hopefully start making notable results. Raducanu is competing in Seoul this week, where she plays Moyuka Uchijima in the first round.