'Humble' Emma Raducanu loves her Dacia despite being Porsche ambassador

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'Humble' Emma Raducanu loves her Dacia despite being Porsche ambassador

British tennis star Emma Raducanu says her Dacia Sandero has a special place in her heart and no way she is getting rid of that car. After winning the 2021 US Open, Raducanu became a global ambassador for luxury carmaker Porsche.

Even though Raducanu is now one of the faces of the Porsche brand, she is still taking good care of her Dacia Sandero, which she bought for £5,000 just before the lockdown. “My dad is Romanian and a Dacia was his first car.

So, yeah, I have a white Dacia Sandero," Raducanu said. "It was funny, I passed my test three days before the first lockdown and we sort of knew it was going into lockdown, so we needed to buy a car ASAP. I bought it second-hand for £5k.

I take care of her. I’m never going to get rid of it."

Raducanu on the difference between an electric and regular car

Raducanu, 19, admitted that driving a Porsche Taycan was an experience for her. “I definitely have a better respect for electric cars after driving a Taycan.

The acceleration is so smooth, it’s almost like you are taking off in a UFO. And obviously it’s great for the planet. But, for me, nothing can really beat the organic smell and sound of a car,” Raducanu added.

Also, Raducanu explained the difference between driving a manual and automatic car. “Going from the automatic 911 that I was driving, the modern one, then going to a Sixties manual, I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to forget how to drive manual’.

I didn’t want to scratch it. The gears were in completely different places, the clutch was like, you know, just to find the biting point, so it took some adjusting. But it was a really fun experience," Raducanu added. Meanwhile, Raducanu is playing in Seoul this week. There, Raducanu has been through to the quarterfinal.