Cori Gauff roasts heckler on Instagram

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Cori Gauff roasts heckler on Instagram

A heckler tried to put down Cori Gauff but the 18-year-old American had a response ready. This week, Gauff posted a photo on her Instagram account. The heckler tried to mock Gauff's outfit choice and also poked fun at the fact that Gauff is often compared to Serena Williams.

"You got time to dress like a clown but not bag any Grand Slams? Hahaha. And people really thought you were the next Serena," the heckler wrote in the comment section. Gauff responded: "You got time to comment bs like a clown and not get a job? Hahaha.

And you really thought you ate. That's why nobody hits yo line GOOFY. Thx for the follow back tho. Get off the couch and touch some grass. Meat riding and hating is an illness. I hope you get well soon."

Gauff was inspired by the Williams sisters

Just like the Williams sisters, Gauff started making great results at a very young age.

Gauff may still not have a Grand Slam title on her resume, but she does have a Grand Slam final. At the US Open, Gauff took a moment to show her appreciation for Serena and Venus Williams. Now that Serena is retired and Venus likely heading into retirement in the near future, Gauff is hoping to follow in their footsteps and be someone who kids will look up to.

"I think for me, the Williams sisters definitely inspired me to play tennis because I saw someone like me playing in a sport with not a lot of people looking like me. I hope I can be that for other kids. Yeah, that's all I can say really.

Just continue to be our authentic selves. Don't try to feed into any stereotypes, just be you," Gauff said. Meanwhile, Gauff is set to return to action at the San Diego Open, which kicks off on October 10.